fran UhegbuComment

DSo last week the snow has been proving to me anyway to be very challenging moment. I had a ten minute thought whether I should go to the gym or not. The snow was bad and I drive there, so I was not really up for taking the bus. But what really motivated me was the possibility of nobody being at the gym, and then I thought of all the machines that I could use, and not willing to wait to use them. So  when I had that in mind I thought well then let's go. So I cleared out the snow in the car, whilst the engine being on, and then I drove to the gym. I was done in an hour. It was really useful that I did, because the snow on the road was not as bad as I thought. So really was quite pleased. 

As I am writing this though the snow has all gone completely, which means that it is going to be very packed tonight at the gym.