Diets don't work

fran UhegbuComment

So we are two weeks into the new year so I am asking everyone how is the new year resolutions coming along?

Is it going ok, good, could be better or maybe it isn't going so well at all. If that is you, try not to stress at all. 

There has been a lot of stories, documentaries, and reports into the best approach to weight loss for 2018. There are so many diets flying around. However I believe that healthy eating, and exercise is the best way to manage weight or weight loss if that is what you want. As long  as the amount of food  you eat does not exceed the amount of exercise you do, the weight should come off or maintained. 

Change for life has a new campaign on watching calories, but I believe that portions are also very important as unfortunately we do consume more than we need, so it is best to know when we are full and to stop eating, rather than carry on eating. 

Also exercise is also really important

Nothing wrong with an unhealthy meal just do not have it that often